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Credit History

Checking your credit card history

Each of the three major credit history reporting agencies, one of which is Equifax, maintains information about you and your credit history. This information is gathered on an ongoing basis from many sources that have extended you credit and is then compiled into a comprehensive report.

Lenders, employers, landlords, insurers, and other service providers with a legal permissible purpose buy that information in the form of a credit history report to help them decide whether to approve your application for a loan, credit card, job, or housing, or to offer you a product or service at a particular rate.

Because your credit file changes constantly, it's important that you review your information regularly to check its accuracy. Click below if you would like to purchase your Equifax Credit History Report now.

Consumer Credit History Report
Your credit history report is made up of information that offers a snapshot about how you have handled credit in the past. We will explain the items that appear in your credit history report.

3 Bureau Credit History Report
A 3-in-1 Credit History Report is a single report that contains your credit information from each of the three major credit history reporting agencies -- Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. Find out more about what is in a 3-bureau credit history report.

Correcting Credit History Report Errors
It's possible for incorrect, incomplete, or outdated information to appear on your credit history report. If it does, it can lower your chances of getting the loans, credit cards, and other credit products you desire.